The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess is an opera of extreme complexity and technical difficulty. With its requirements for a large chorus of enormously talented black singers, the opera is ideal for Cape Town Opera’s pool of performers.

This production of Porgy and Bess reflects the particular intensity and energy of South African singers. The daily reality of their lives and simply going home after a night’s work are more dangerous and more fraught with melodrama than any of the operas in which they perform.

The action is set in the same era as Apartheid’s highest arrogance and worst excesses. With forced removals, demolitions of ancestral dwellings, and lack of respect for human rights, life was all too expendable and miserable for those people so conveniently forgotten by the few who lived in comfort and security. This is the story of Porgy and Bess, and Cape Town Opera’s production of Gershwin’s classic work reflects the spirit of optimism that pervades contemporary South Africa

Alte Oper, Frankfurt
September: Thursday 12, Friday, 13
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